10 Best Cheap Pickleball Paddles Reviews 2023

10 Inexpensive Pickleball Paddles that are Good Quality

Best Affordable Pickleball Paddles: Are you looking for a cheap pickleball paddle so you can try out the fastest growing sport in the US? This list of inexpensive pickleball paddles has something for everyone. There is no crap on this list just cheap pickleball paddles that are good quality.

It can be difficult to find a good paddle for less than $50. Even if you’re looking for a cheap pickleball paddle, you want one that works well and can withstand repeated use. Any of the less expensive paddles fall apart quickly, create dead spots, or are simply painful to use.

These cheap pickleball paddles reviews will help you avoid the junk. Instead of wasting money on a paddle that will only last one match, take a look at the top ten pickleball paddles under $50. These are also the best choices for newcomers who want to get into the sport but don’t want to invest a lot of money.

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10 Best Cheap Pickleball Paddles

Pickle-Ball Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

The Champion Spark pickleball paddle is one of the lightweight paddles that you can find in the market today. Its design is built for speed, control, and ease. 

Unlike other Champion paddles, this Champion Sparks is not ideal for more experienced players.If you are a new player and want to improve your game and technical skills, this paddle is for you. It’s very lightweight and it’s built to perform because of its thicker Polymer core that enables you to drive the ball past opponents. 

This paddle has a universal grip of 4.0” circumference and 5” length that fits nearly every hand. It also allows quick wrist action and accepts an overgrip. 

Pros: Lightweight, best for beginners 

Cons: Bigger paddle

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Rally Tyro 2 Pro 

If you’re new to pickleball and you’re looking for a good value paddle, you can check out this Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball paddle. This can be a really solid paddle for beginners because it isn’t too heavy, but isn’t too lightweight. And since it’s a mid-weight paddle, it has a great feel to it and it gives you a solid hit over the net anywhere you hit on the paddle. 

The paddle face has a durable velvet texture that protects the paddle and enhances the sweet spot to give you a perfect shot every time you hit the ball. 

In terms of its handle grip, it’s just the right size for beginners. It has a grip circumference of 4-¼” and a handle length of 5”. But what makes its grip even more amazing is that it has a perforated moisture wicking cushion grip. This gives your paddle a moisture-wicking technology so it keeps the sweat away from your hand. 

Pros: great handle feel, great value for money

Cons: not lightweight

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PHYSIZZ Pickleball Paddles

The Physizz Pickleball paddle is made of graphite carbon fiber face that is resilient and can provide great control over shots, while its graphite-honeycomb composition can provide the racket with better strength, optimum performance, and durability. 

The paddle also comes with edge protection that can protect the edge of your pickleball paddle. It is also thin enough to minimize missed hits and to improve the strength and durability of your paddle or rackets. 

This paddles has a 4.35-inch circumference which allows you to perform wrist movements or change the flexibility of your hands. In addition to that, it also has a sweat-absorbing and perforated cushioning grip that can improve handle comfort and strength of your paddle. 

Pros: high-quality paddles

Cons: Handle is too short

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Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle 

Amazin’ Aces takes pride in providing quality paddles at an affordable price and this classic graphite paddle is no exception. This Amazin’ Aces classic graphite paddle features a durable graphite face with a strong honeycomb polymer core.

In terms of performance, this paddle was meticulously designed to offer a good combination of power and control. The graphite face offers nice pop while playing, and the polypropylene honeycomb gives the paddle a nice feel and touch. 

This paddle also includes an edge guard that will protect your paddle on ground hits, as well as a quality grip on the handle. So, if you want to improve your game, this is a great paddle for beginners and intermediate players. 

Pros: good feel, great value

Cons: grip is a bit smaller

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Scuddles Pickleball Paddle – PRO-X Series

The Scuddles PRO-X series model is a sturdy and strong paddle that will give you power hits, combined with its light and easy to swing feel. This paddle set comes with 2 paddles, 6 balls, 2 soft cushioned paddle covers, and a pickleball booklet that will help you explain all the pickleball strategies and concepts. 

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, this PRO-X paddle is perfect for you. You can compete like a pro. It has a rectangular shape paddle that is designed to hit the ball even when it’s a bit farther than your arm’s reach. 

The paddle is also perfectly lightweight so that it can give you control of the paddle. Meanwhile, its slim shape allows optimal airflow so you can quickly maneuver. 

Pros: great power and control 

Cons: none

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Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle Deluxe Bundle 

If you’re looking for the best wood paddle on the market, the Rally Meister paddle is just exactly what you need. Most wood paddles are a bit heavier but this one is lighter than the expensive paddles. 

The wood paddle is cut from 7 alternating plies of white maple that are glued together, thus giving you a strong and relatively lightweight paddle. Its grip has a top-notch quality that can be seen on expensive composite and graphite paddles. Plus, it has a moisture-wicking technology and cushioned surface so that it’ll feel comfortable when you use it. 

Pros: lightweight, cushioned grip 

Cons: too basic

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Niupipo Pickleball Paddle with Carbon Fiber Face 

This pickleball paddle is made of honeycomb that provides powerful performance and soft control for the touch shots. Meanwhile, the paddle face is made from fiberglass that is designed to give you maximum control of your shots.

With its 4.25 inches cushioned and sweat absorbent grip, this paddle will give you the comfort that you deserve while playing. You can even do the wrist actions or change its hand flexibility. 

This paddle also comes with an ergonomic design that will give you extra comfort aside from its moisture-wicking and cushioned grip. And each racket has its own edge guard to ensure that your paddle is protected from ground hits. 

Pros: comfortable grip, impressive control when hitting the ball 

Cons: expensive 

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Upstreet Pickleball Paddle 

Upstreet is a new paddle manufacturer on the market but in just a couple of years, they have already earned a good reputation of manufacturing reliable paddles. 

This particular Upstreet paddle has a lightweight feature and high-quality polypropylene honeycomb composition. A lot of players praised the balance between control and power of this paddle, from beginners to more advanced players. It has a micro-dry comfort grip that ensures that it will dissipate sweat from your hands. 

This paddle is ideal for all skill-levels and are designed for both men and women of all ages. 

Pros: quality paddle 

Cons: paddle makes loud noise when you strike the ball 

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Wilson Energy Pickleball Paddle 

The Wilson brand is not new in the world of sporting goods. In fact, they have developed their own pickleball series and the Wilson Graphite Energy paddle is one of their pickleball paddles available. 

The face of this paddle is enhanced with a slightly raised criss-cross print on top of its graphite layer, while the core is made of Nomex honeycomb that is powerful yet very lightweight. 

Each paddle has its own black edge guard that is securely attached on the edges so that it will help with adding pop to the sweet spot. It will also keep your paddles protected from ground hits. 

Pros: quality grip

Cons: medium weight

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What Makes a Good Pickleball Paddle?

The game of pickleball hasn’t changed much, but the paddles sure have. As pickleball becomes more popular, pickleball players are starting to invest in better equipment. The wooden pickleball paddles of yore are slowly being phased out for newer, lighter, and higher performing paddles. 

There are five components that make pickleball paddles different:

  • Weight
  • Grip size
  • Shape 
  • Material 
  • Noise

A good pickleball paddle is lightweight to give you the most power and control. It’s also durable and made of quality materials that will last swing after swing. 

You will want to match the pickleball paddle you choose to your play style, budget, and personal goals. Keep on reading to learn how to do just that! 

Finding the right pickleball paddle is like making sure your shoes fit correctly and are laced up properly. When it’s done right, you will notice a difference in your quality of play and how much fun you are having. 

Paddle weight and grip size are the two most important considerations to get perfect. 

If you have a tight budget or are buying paddles in bulk, then wood is the best option. It’s a tried and true option that will always get the job done. Wood is affordable, durable, and accessible. 

If you want to step up your game, but are still only playing pickleball as a hobby, then a composite paddle is your best option. You will absolutely be able to find a paddle that fits your budget and be able to enjoy the advantages of a higher-performing material. 

If you like to play pickleball competitively, then considering a graphite paddle may allow you to play at a higher level. They are the most expensive but are some of the best performing paddles money can buy.  

Conclusion: Best Cheap Pickleball Racquets

It can be difficult to find the right pickleball paddle for your needs. More pickleball brands are launching the latest developments in pickleball paddle software as pickleball continues to grow in popularity across the United States. It’s never been more difficult to choose the best paddle for you.

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best pickleball paddles available online. Pickleball player ratings, affordability, paddle weight, ball control, grip size, core material, hitting surface, and other considerations are all taken into account. Assuring that you have access to the most detailed pickleball paddle buying guide available online.

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