10 Best Pickleball Paddle Covers to Protect Your Equipment -2023 Reviews

What to look for in the Best Pickleball Paddle Covers – Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a pickleball paddle cover to protect your gear? I have put together this guide to the best Pickleball Paddle Covers to help you find the right cover for your pickleball paddle for you!

If you’ve recently purchased a new pickleball paddle, you may want to consider spending a little more money on one of the best pickleball paddle covers available. This will assist in keeping it in good working order. A new pickleball paddle can be very costly, so why not safeguard it?

Dropping a brand new paddle can cause dents, dings and cracks. A dent in the face of the paddle can alter the paddle’s sweet spot, hurting accuracy and performance. If the paddle has an edge guard and that gets dinged up, the paddle’s overall feel and weight distribution can be altered. These are all bad things if you play on a regular basis. Pickleball equipment isn’t cheap. Keeping it nice and taking care of it is crucial and the best way to do that for your paddle, is a paddle cover. In today’s post we’re going to look at the best pickleball paddle covers currently available.

TLDR: Here is the pickleball paddle cover I use to keep my paddle like it is brand new.

Features to look for when buying a pickleball paddle cover

A Pickleball Paddle Cover is specifically designed to shield and protect your pickleball paddle for prolonged and efficient use. Here’s what to look for in the Best Pickleball Paddle Covers.

You’ll want to cover your high-end paddle if you’ve spent $100 or more on it. Dents, dings, and cracks may occur when a brand new paddle is dropped. A dent in the paddle’s face can change the sweet spot, reducing accuracy and efficiency. If the edge guard on the paddle is impaired, the overall feel and weight distribution of the paddle will be altered.


This is common sense that you need to pick a pickleball cover that fits your paddle very well. It wouldn’t make sense if your cover doesn’t perfectly fit your paddle. 

Upon choosing the right paddle cover size, you’d be surprised to know that there are a number of different paddle covers that you can choose from. If you don’t know the size or dimensions of your paddle, you’d also have a hard time picking the right fit. 

So, it is very important that you know beforehand the size of your paddle before buying one. 

Material Construction

Most of the pickleball paddle covers that are available in the market now are made from neoprene. This material belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers and it exhibits good chemical stability and flexibility even in harsh temperatures. 

Neoprene also has protective qualities that will really protect your paddle from any damage even when it is wrapped in this cover. 


The weight of a paddle cover plays an important role in determining the ease of transporting your paddles. 

The heavier the cover is, the more it is going to add unnecessary weight to the paddle. 

As much as possible, look for a lightweight paddle that is easy and comfortable to handle, especially if you’re carrying a lot of paddles at once. 


Aside from the size of the paddle, one important thing that you should also consider is the shape of the paddle cover. 

One thing that you need to remember is that paddles come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to find the right paddle cover that matches the shape of your paddle, otherwise your paddle won’t get the protection that it deserves. 

The shape of your cover and your paddle must be the same and you shouldn’t force them to match. 

Another cool feature is a paddle cover with a built in fence clip – no need to worry about where did your cover go as it will be visible once you clip it to the fence.

Closing the Cover

Most paddle covers use a zipper closure to open and close it. And pretty sure you know how it feels to struggle with a stubborn zipper that takes so much time to close or open. To avoid this from happening, choose a paddle cover that opens and closes very smoothly. Make sure to test the zipper of the cover first before purchasing it. You can gently slide the zipper back and forth and if the zipper catches or it requires you to use excessive force while opening or closing it, you better run because that cover will likely give you a headache in the future. 


The cushioning is also an important factor when choosing a paddle because this is going to determine the amount of protection that it can give to your paddle inside the cover. 

A thicker cushioning is likely to give your paddle more protection than those with thin cushionings. 

Aside from thick cushioning, there are paddle covers that are waterproof for added protection from adverse weather and damaging sun. 

Protect Your Pickleball Paddle – This pickleball paddle cover is thick enough to keeps the pickleball paddle surface from dings, scratches, and scuffs while you put it in your sports bag with other things, extend your pickleball paddle lifespan.


On top of all the factors that you should consider when buying a paddle cover, durability is the most important. Who would want to spend his or her hard earned money over something that won’t even last for a week or month. If you are a frequent player, it would be best to invest in paddle covers that will not only protect your paddles but that would also last for a long time. 

Color and Design

The color and design of a paddle may not be one of the priorities for some players, but you can always opt for something that is aesthetically pleasing. Most paddle covers that you can buy today are brightly colored and eye catching. However, there are some manufacturers who produce paddle covers that come in exciting colors and even graphic designs and patterns. 

The Cost

Certainly, a paddle cover won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Most of the paddle covers available in the market today are pretty much affordable. But there are also paddle covers that are in the more expensive range. You should always go for a paddle cover that is within your budget, yet durable. 

Warranty/ Guarantee

Some paddle covers are backed with a warranty in case you experience any issues with their products. Warranties are helpful because they provide assurance to consumers against defective products that do not meet the standard quality. Make sure to check the paddle cover if it offers a warranty or guarantee. You may also check the length of these warranties or guarantees. 

Pickleball Paddle Cover Reviews

Overview of Covers for your Pickleball Paddle – out of 5

NameCushioningDurabilityRatingCheck Price
Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover555.0Check Price
Pickleball-X Individual Paddle Cover554.5Check Price
Homyl Lightweight Neoprene454.5Check Price
Pickle-Ball, Inc. Neoprene Cover 544.5Check Price
Pickleball Central Pickleball Paddle Cover 544.75Check Price
iPrint Custom Pickleball Paddle Cover444.25Check Price

Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover by Pickleball Central 

Paddle covers are the easiest solution if you want to keep your pickleball paddle face protected. And if you are looking for one right now, this Neoprene pickleball paddle cover is a great choice. It protects your paddle from scratches, dings, and chips. It has a zipper that makes the paddle easy to put on and take off. 

It is made of quality material and it does its job of protecting your paddle. The cover measures 10 x 12 inches and it comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, gray, lime, and pink. 

Pickleball-X Individual Paddle Cover by Franklin Sports 

If budget is your top priority when looking for a paddle cover, look no further because this Pickleball-X paddle cover is perfect for you. This cover comes with a built-in fence clip so that you can just hand your paddle anywhere. This protects your paddle off the ground and out of harm’s way. 

The cover is made of neoprene materials that makes it lightweight and functional. Even if you put the paddle cover inside your bag, it’s not bulky and does not add weight to your pack. 

It also has a universal size to fit most paddles that are available in the market. So if you have an extra wide or taller paddle head, it might not fit with this paddle cover.

Homyl Lightweight Neoprene Single Pickleball Paddle Cover

This Homyl neoprene paddle cover reinvented the design of pickleball paddle covers. It boasts of its vibrant and funky design and adds excitement to the pickleball attire. But if you are not a fan of these kinds of designs, you will be glad to know that there are other color options for you. 

When it comes to its material, this cover is made from premium neoprene. Most paddle covers are made from neoprene because it is a high quality material that protects your paddle from any damage or scratches. 

As to its size, it can fit most regular size pickleball paddles or rackets. 

Pickle-Ball, Inc. Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 

This Pickle-Ball cover can protect your paddle from chips, dings, scratches, and even moisture at a price that doesn’t hurt your bank account. It is made from soft and durable neoprene that gently protects your paddle. 

What makes this paddle cover amazing is that it has an extended zipper so you can easily put on and take off your paddle. It also provides good cushioning for your paddles that’s not too tight.

It can fit all paddles with up to 8 ¼ inches wide, and the cover has a measurement of 10 x 12 inches. 

Pickleball Central Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 

This pickleball central paddle cover is one of the most well-known paddle covers on the market today. It does its job of protecting your paddles from scratches and potential damage. It also has a nice padding and cushioning so that your paddle will get the protection it deserves. 

The zipper is well constructed so you can easily put on and take off your paddle from the cover. And just like most paddles available on the market, it is made from durable neoprene material. 

iPrint Custom Pickleball Paddle Cover Neoprene

This iPrint paddle cover is made from premium neoprene material that has a soft and thick texture. The edge of this paddle cover is wrapped with cloth which makes it even more durable compared to other paddle covers. 

If you are looking for a lightweight paddle cover, this is just right for you. It is very light and has no added weight so you can easily carry your paddles wherever you go.

Its zipper is also smooth and very comfortable to zip and unzip with little to no pressure at all. 


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