10 Best Pickleball Bags

Are you looking for the Best Pickleball Bags?  Finding a great pickleball bag for your paddles and balls doesn’t need to be difficult.  I have included several different types of pickleball bags in this list for all budgets.

This Pickleball Bag comes in several colors

My favorite type of Pickleball Bag is a sling bag that fits my two paddles and a pack of four balls. This is the pickleball bag I use to carry my gear to the pickleball courts.

Pickleball Bag Buying Considerations


There is no doubt that pickleball bags need to be supportive and durable, especially if you intend to bring more stuff with you when playing. When picking the right pickleball bag, make sure it is made from high-quality material.

Choose a bag made of durable and waterproof material such as polyester or nylon, and avoid cloth as this may not be durable and easily get dirty.


If you are a heavy packer during your pickleball adventures, you can opt for a pickleball bag that has a lot of compartments where you can store your water bottles and valuables.

There are some pickleball bags that have five pockets that will help you organize all your valuables – even the tiniest item that you have.

There are also other bags that have one large compartment where you can store your laptop aside from your pickleball paddles.


There are different types of pickleball bags that are available in the market today. There are duffel bags that allow you to hold the bag by handles, and there are backpacks that you can carry on the shoulder or back. But whatever your choice is, look for adjustable and padded shoulder straps that are pretty comfortable and easier to carry.


The price of pickleball bags range from $10 to $100. And if price is one of your top considerations in buying one, look for a bag that isn’t over the budget but still gives you that functionality. Usually the more expensive pickleball bags are backpacks that have a larger size and can store up to 5 paddles inside.


Deciding what size of pickleball bag that you want is also relatively the same as picking the type of pickleball bag that you prefer.

If you only want to store your pickleball paddle inside, you can opt for a smaller size bag like a full paddle cover or sling bag. But if you like to carry other stuff like an extra shirt, shoes, towels, etc., you can go for a bigger bag like a backpack or duffle bag.

The 10 Best Pickleball Bags for your Pickleball Gear

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack

This durable backpack is designed to carry everything you need during a game. It has a capacity of 13 liters and has 5 compartments/zippers which means you can carry everything from paddles, balls, to apparel, water bottles, and more. It also has breathable mesh panels on the front and back to keep you cool.

This backpack sits upright so packing and unpacking your stuff would be easier, and it features two ONIX logos on each side and on the straps.

Pros: several compartments

Cons: limited colors available

HEAD Tour Pickleball Backpack

This HEAD Tour backpack will take you wherever you want to go. Its large main compartment with a zippered accessory pocket on the inside allows you to put all your pickleball game essentials and even your extra valuables. It has its own racquet/paddle compartment with auto-stop zippers that can fit up to two racquets/paddles.

Aside from the large accessory pocket, this backpack also has a ventilated compartment where you can store your shoes or wet clothes. It also comes with two side pouches for your bottles and other tiny items. The shoulder straps are adjustable so that it will really have a perfect fit on your body, as well as a padded back for comfort and air flow.

Pros: ventilated compartment for shoes, padded back

Cons: none really but just over $50

Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag

The Pickleball Fanatic duffel bag is the perfect example of a bag that it does not need to be fancy for it to be functional. This duffel bag has all the carrying capacity that you need for your next adventure to the pickleball court. It is a multi-purpose bag that is perfect for carrying everything you need for a game, and it features a comfortable fabric-wrapped handle at the top with a full zip closure and a padded shoulder strap.

Both the handle and shoulder strap are adjustable depending on your preference. So, if you are looking for a functional yet affordable bag, this is a great choice.

Pros: adjustable straps, several compartments

Cons: not so comfortable

Pik’le’Ball Women’s Premium Pickleball Bag

If you are not a fan og backpacks, this premium pickleball tote bag is for you. The size of this bag is just right, meaning it is not overly big and bulky but still spacious enough to fit all your pickleball gears. It has a compartment designated for three paddles and many more compartments inside the for your other stuff.

This bag has also a mesh, water bottle holder that can store large reusable bottles, as well as a phone pocket, a pocket for pickleball balls, and another compartment for your personal valuables.

You can also easily fasten the top straps together and hung from a fence hook.

Pros: several compartments, spacious, lightweight

Cons: a little pricey

ACOSEN Pickleball Bag

Another great yet cheap pickleball bag is this ACOSEN Bag that has 5 multi-functional pockets where you can put any of your personal items that you need to bring and keep them organized. This anti-theft bag has an external bottle holder that has a cord lock to secure the contents. It also uses a double strap design that you can easily adjust to fit your shoulders and prevent muscle strains.

Its main pocket has an interlayer to hold the racket, shoes, and clothes, while the seconday pocket can store more than two paddles, and the lower pocket can hold more than six pickleball balls. Yes, that’s how multi functional and spacious this bag is.

Pros: Affordable, anti-theft, multi functional

Cons: not so durable

D’yallee Tennis Bag for Men and Women

If you prefer to ditch the bulky backpacks and duffel bags, this D’yalle sling crossbody bag is perfect for you. It’s very comfortable to carry because of its adjustable padded shoulder straps that provide cushion and comfort. You can use it as a sling bag or a crossbody laptop bag that is perfect for any day activities, whether you are going to the gym, work, outdoor, or any outdoor activity.

This bag can hold 2-3 rackets at the same time and it is equipped with thickened sponge layer to protect your paddles from extreme temperatures.

Pros: unisex, lots of compartments

Cons: only one color

Pickleball Central Fanatic Sling Bag

This fanatic sling bag is a very convenient bag for holding your pickleball essentials. It can hold around 4 paddles and 3 or more balls. It also has two external pouches: one with Velcro and the other that’s mesh perfect for your water bottle. The exterior pocket can also hold your phone, keys, and other small items. It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap for added comfort.

Currently, you can choose from two colors: gray and black.

Pros: spacious

Cons: the mesh pouch for a water bottle is not large enough

Holistic Being Sling Sport Pickleball Bag for Men and Women

There are other brands of pickleball bags that even if you haven’t put something on, it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world – but not this sling sport bag by Holistic Being. It is one of the most lightweight sports bags that features three compartments for racquets, balls, or additional accessories.

The straps are easy to adjust from right shoulder to left shoulder and you can also tighten or loosen it. Plus, there is an attached hanger so that you can easily hang it on fences, hooks, etc., to protect your bag from getting dirty on the ground.

Pros: durable, unisex

Cons: none

Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack for Pickleball

Athletico Sling Bag is your ultimate bag for all seasons. It can be used not only as a pickleball bag, but it can also be your everyday, travel, or commuting bag. It is constructed of durable lightweight pro-grade polyester sports fabric so you can really tell that this bag is durable.

It can fit up to 6 pickleball paddles, 2 tennis rackets, or even put your laptop, ipad, or tablet. It has a secondary main compartment that is spacious enough to hold balls, towels, and other valuables.

You can easily adjust its strap with its quick-release buckle and you can wear it your way – either as a crossbody or shoulder-carry bag. In terms of functionality and design, this Athletico sling bag is superb!

Pros: rip-resistant, lightweight, unisex

Cons: the compartments are tight

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

This pickleball sling backpack is designed for pros that can carry your pickleball gear in style. In fact, this is the official pickleball bag of the US Open Pickleball championships.

This sling bag can effortlessly hold almost all your pickleball equipment including up to 6 paddles, pickleballs, and other accessories. It also has large pockets and inverted weather-resistant zippers.

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap so it can go easy on your back and prevent muscle strain and shoulder pain.

Pros: spacious, weather resistant zippers

Cons: buckle is not so durable

Conclusion: Finding the Best Pickleball Bag for you

When looking at these pickleball bags do think about what you want to carry with you. Pickleball is an equipment light sport if you ask me. A paddle and a ball is all you need. That’s why my pickleball bag is quite small.


Nicole is a pickleball enthusiast who started playing pickleball in 2017. Always trying to improve her game, she shares helpful tips and tricks for people wanting to learn to play pickleball. Its an obsession.

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